Membership into the Phenix Alumni Association is open to any student who attended the school, regardless as to whether they graduated. Membership is also open to all teachers, administrators and support staff who worked at a Phenix school.

Annual Membership Dues are $35 and due on September 1st of each year.

Reasons to Join

  1. You are a vital part of the spirit of our Alma Mater: “Our strong band can ne’er be broken formed at Phenix High.”

  2. Of the approximate 2,400 living alumni, there are currently 145 paid members of the Association. Annual dues are only $35.00. Remember, there is strength in numbers.

  3. Your Association needs you to help keep the Phenix Legacy alive.


Your George P. Phenix High School Alumni Association is active and thriving. For your information, the Association:

  • Meets on the first Monday in each month, with the exception of August, or Monday's that fall on a Holiday, at the Hampton Public Library at 11:00 a.m. Some meetings feature special guests.

  • Has formed a partnership with the Phenix PreK-8 School that includes reading to students, participating with the PTA and making monetary donations to support student programs and services.

  • Collects and maintains an archive of pictures, documents, and other Phenix memorabilia spanning the years 1932 to 1968.

  • Sponsors special events and activities such as cookouts, attendance at theater productions and historical tours. Most recently, we visited the White House, the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and the MLK, Jr. Memorial.

  • Our signature event is the annual Phenix Legacy Reception and Dinner held each year on the third or fourth Saturday of July.

  • Welcomes any student, teacher or administrator who attended or worked at Phenix school.

Future plans include:

  • Writing and publishing a book documenting the legacy of George P. Phenix School

  • Developing a Phenix High School Museum at Y. H. Thomas Community Center, 1300 Thomas Street.

Some benefits to Active Members:

  • Receive floral gift or other acknowledgment during hospitalization or extended illness.

  • The immediate family of a deceased member will receive either a floral arrangement or a donation to charity.

  • Receive a reduced fee for selected Alumni planned activities.

Additional Information:

The Membership Committee and Class Representatives solicit your help to increase the number of paid members. It is our goal to build a larger and stronger Association as we address our overall mission to keep the Phenix Legacy alive.

This is what we would like you to do:

  • If you are not a member, we invite you to join when your membership representative contacts you.

  • If there is no contact from your rep., kindly forward your membership of $35.00, payable to: Phenix Alumni Association and mail to: Phenix Alumni Association, P. O. Box 1233, Hampton, VA 23661

  • Share the enclosed information with others and encourage them to become members.

An annual Membership Drive, with a set goal, will be conducted from July to August 31st each year. Note: The Association cutoff date for dues is May 31. Dues paid in June, July or August will be applied to the next fiscal year, which begins September 1. Please resolve to be counted among those who are forming a “strong band” of paid members necessary to keep the Phenix Legacy” alive and unwavering.

Your suggestions and/or recommendations are encouraged.

Class Representatives: Membership Committee


1946 Olivia Cherry
1950 Lillian Kline
1952 Mildred Bailey Stewart
1951 Gwendolyn Chisman
1953 Celestine Carter
1954 Gladys Billups
1957 Robert Mann
1958 Ruby Stevenson
1959 Charles Wynder


1962 Leonard Powell (Temporary)
1963 Louis Johnson
1964 Carlyse Ford
1965 Linda Brown
1966 Joyce Lewis
1966 Phyllis Porter
1967 Corlease Sills
1968 Jacqueline McIntyre
1969 Calvin Pearson

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