Jo Shuler

Jo Shuler was born and reared in Hampton, Virginia. After attending Dixie Hospital School of Practical Nursing, she went on to University of VA School for Operating Room Technicians. She was on the developmental committee for surgical technicians to be nationally recognized and was in the first group of Surgical Technologists to be nationally certified in her profession.

While enjoying a nursing career of over 20 years as a LPN Certified Surgical Technologist specializing in Orthopedics, she began her part time Mary Kay career in March 1982.  Eighteen months later, she began to pursue Mary Kay on a full-time basis, earning the use of her first career car in 1985.  

The opportunity to mentor women in developing their individual Mary Kay careers was realized when Jo became an Independent Sales Director in August 1986.  She was personally trained by Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay, Inc. Within 12 months her unit had earned 2 Pink cars – the Buick and Cadillac.  

She is an Independent Senior Sales Director with 2 first line off spring Directors.  The Millionaire Soaring Eagles have been the #1 unit in Virginia twice and recognized as a top unit nationwide.  Her Unit has earned 16 Mary Kay career cars and is currently driving their 14th Pink Cadillac.

Jo has consistently been recognized for her sales, motivation and leadership skills.  She is frequently asked to travel nationwide educating and mentoring the next generation of leaders.  The Millionaire Soaring Eagles have been responsible for over 10 million dollars in retail sales since 1986 with consultants in 21 States and in over 50 cities in America. 

In addition to her Mary Kay career, Jo volunteers with the Transitions Program in Hampton as a resource person mentoring women in the program who are the victims of domestic violence. She is a member of George P. Phenix High Alumni Association.  

Jo is married. She and her husband, Ernie are the very proud parents of two daughters and one son and grandparents of four grandsons, one granddaughter and two great-grandchildren.  Jo is also a breast cancer survivor.  They are members of Bethel Temple Assembly of God Church in Hampton.

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