Pastor Willie F. Wilson

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Pastor Willie F. Wilson, born in Newport News, and ordained Nana Kwadwo Boafo I, a Wolof Priest in the Gambia, West Africa, is very much at home in Anacostia where for the past 31 years he has been pastor at Union Temple Baptist Church.

Pastor Wilson received his Bachelor Degree in Journalism from Ohio University and Masters Degree in Doctoral Studies from Howard University.

In Asankrangwa, West Ghana he was inducted as a sub-chief by the Asankare-Bretuo as NANA KWADWO BOAFO I, and with this honor he has the  uttermost credence to perform any and all ceremonies relating to African people.

In 1986, Pastor Wilson was recognized by USA Today Newspaperas one of the 10 most valuable people in America. Reverend Wilson has counseled with African Heads of State and has married African kings and queens of the universe.

In 1997 Pastor Wilson and Union Temple Baptist Church were awarded the PRESIDENT’S SERVICE AWARD by President Bill Clinton. This is the most prestigious Presidential recognition given for community service.

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