Mark W. Clark, MD MPH

Dr. Clark, class of 1967 was known at Phenix High School as a studious person who was excelling in all that he was aspiring to do academically. When Dr Clark had completed most of his studies in Cardio Vascular Medicine, he came to the Peninsula area and joined the staff at Newport News General Hospital in addition to other hospitals in this area. His reputation and status as a Cardio-Vascular Surgeon and his ability to therapeutically manage cardiac pathology had preceded him. He brought a wealth of knowledge and advancement to the Newport News Hospital that helped elevate the level of health care practice and service to the Southeast Community. His Cardiology Team in addition to himself were, Dr V Francis, and Dr. D Ridley. They were a team of highly specialized physicians who all seemed to be well prepared and fluent in their practice of cardiovascular medicine. His Educational accomplishments includes Columbia University – 1970 – Bachelor of Arts; Harvard University; Doctor of Medicine and Masters in Public Health; Massachusetts Gen Hospital, Senior Assistant Resident, Medical College of Virginia, Cardiology Fellow. The designation of Fellow of The American College of Cardiology (FACC) represents recognition of high professional achievement in a cardiovascular subspecialty. 

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