Mr. Rudy Langford

Mr. Langford has a diverse professional career, having worked as an adjudicator and accountant, General Accounting Office Clerk, Circuit Court and Department of Corrections, Washington, DC Government; and Postmaster and Lecturer, Hampton University.

He worked for ten years with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement, working directly under Hosea Williams, 1958-1968. Also, he worked in three presidential campaigns, Robert Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, and William “Bill” Clinton.

Mr. Langford has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, serving as President of the State Coalition for Justice for Civil Rights, the Hampton Tenants’ Association, and the Coalition for Good Government.

He is founder of over sixteen Civic Organizations, 1985-2005 and holds membership in the NAACP, SCLC, Urban League and Rainbow Coalition.

Mr. Langford is sometimes deemed as controversial in his activism. However, he may also be perceived as an “unsung hero.” This is because of his many acts of kindness, compassion and assistance, especially with the youth and senior citizens in the community. He willingly accepts this responsibility, but these services are largely unknown by the general public. 

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